Did You Push the Button?

Updated: Oct 26

You did it. And now they will not stop calling you. You pushed the button; the one that said “contact agent”. And now the phone calls will not stop. You often wonder if there will ever be peace on your phone again, and the answer would be “not until you stop pushing the button”. And I’m going to tell you why.

Once you pushed that button, the sales person calling you bought your information from whatever site you registered with. After all, who reads the fine print down at the bottom where there’s a little pop-up that asks you to approve the cookies? That disclaimer gives them permission to use the data you have given them however they see fit.

The potential for salesman is endless. It is built upon a lifetime of work and networking, and it’s highly competitive because of its earning potential. If you pair that with a time where personal information is high value to sales people, you get annoying calls. Throw in millions of button pushes in a day equals big bucks for companies like Zillow.

But If you want the phone calls to stop the best thing to do is to go old-school. If anything use the Internet as a resource to find the information you need, and then pick up the phone and call the person that you’re needing to talk to. As service professionals we can appreciate loyalty, especially if we've done business before. Nothing is more flattering than having a return or sending a referral.

So, If you’re looking for a home, an insurance policy, a vacation, or even a new car, call your local people or get some references from some friends that you know instead of going on the Internet and pushing the button. Because that button will have somebody call you.

If you need to talk to somebody at 2 o’clock in the morning while surfing, call me to earn your business instead of passing it on to some

Thats also another blog post. Thanks for reading.

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